Access Modifier to which CLS rules apply

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using System;

namespace CLSDoc
    public class Cat
        internal UInt16 _age = 0;
        private UInt16 _daysTillVacination = 0;

        //Warning CS3003  Type of 'Cat.DaysTillVacination' is not CLS-compliant
        protected UInt16 DaysTillVacination
            get { return _daysTillVacination; }

        //Warning    CS3003    Type of 'Cat.Age' is not CLS-compliant
        public UInt16 Age
        { get { return _age; } }

        //valid behaviour by CLS-compliant rules
        public int IncreaseAge()
            int increasedAge = (int)_age + 1;
            return increasedAge;


The rules for CLS compliance apply only to a public/protected components.

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