Basic XML document interaction

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public static void Main()
    var xml  = new XmlDocument();
    var root = xml.CreateElement("element");
        // Creates an attribute, so the element will now be "<element attribute='value' />"
        root.SetAttribute("attribute", "value");

    // All XML documents must have one, and only one, root element        

    // Adding data to an XML document
    foreach (var dayOfWeek in Enum.GetNames((typeof(DayOfWeek))))
        var day = xml.CreateElement("dayOfWeek");
            day.SetAttribute("name", dayOfWeek);

        // Don't forget to add the new value to the current document!

    // Looking for data using XPath; BEWARE, this is case-sensitive
    var monday = xml.SelectSingleNode("//dayOfWeek[@name='Monday']");
    if (monday != null)
        // Once you got a reference to a particular node, you can delete it
        // by navigating through its parent node and asking for removal
    // Displays the XML document in the screen; optionally can be saved to a file

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