Capitalization conventions

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The following terms describe different ways to case identifiers.

Pascal Casing

The first letter in the identifier and the first letter of each subsequent concatenated word are capitalized. You can use Pascal case for identifiers of three or more characters. For example: BackColor

Camel Casing

The first letter of an identifier is lowercase and the first letter of each subsequent concatenated word is capitalized. For example: backColor


All letters in the identifier are capitalized. For example: IO


When an identifier consists of multiple words, do not use separators, such as underscores (”_”) or hyphens (”-”), between words. Instead, use casing to indicate the beginning of each word.

The following table summarizes the capitalization rules for identifiers and provides examples for the different types of identifiers:

Identifier             | Case   | Example
---------------------- | ------ | -------
Local variable         | Camel  | carName
Class                  | Pascal | AppDomain
Enumeration type       | Pascal | ErrorLevel
Enumeration values     | Pascal | FatalError
Event                  | Pascal | ValueChanged
Exception class        | Pascal | WebException
Read-only static field | Pascal | RedValue
Interface              | Pascal | IDisposable
Method                 | Pascal | ToString
Namespace              | Pascal | System.Drawing
Parameter              | Camel  | typeName
Property               | Pascal | BackColor

More information can be found on MSDN.

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