Comparing and sorting Tuples

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Tuples can be compared based on their elements.

As an example, an enumerable whose elements are of type Tuple can be sorted based on comparisons operators defined on a specified element:

List<Tuple<int, string>> list = new List<Tuple<int, string>>();
list.Add(new Tuple<int, string>(2, "foo"));
list.Add(new Tuple<int, string>(1, "bar"));
list.Add(new Tuple<int, string>(3, "qux"));

list.Sort((a, b) => a.Item2.CompareTo(b.Item2)); //sort based on the string element

foreach (var element in list) {

// Output:
// (1, bar)
// (2, foo)
// (3, qux)

Or to reverse the sort use:

list.Sort((a, b) => b.Item2.CompareTo(a.Item2));

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