Creating a new query using LinqPad

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LinqPad is a great tool that allows you to learn and test features of .Net languages (C#, F# and VB.Net.)

  1. Install LinqPad
  2. Create a new Query (Ctrl + N)
  3. Under language, select “C# statements”
  4. Type the following code and hit run (F5)
string hw = "Hello World";

hw.Dump(); //or Console.WriteLine(hw);
  1. You should see “Hello World” printed out in the results screen.
  2. Now that you have created your first .Net program, go and check out the samples included in LinqPad via the “Samples” browser. There are many great examples that will show you many different features of the .Net languages.


  1. If you click on “IL”, you can inspect the IL code that your .net code generates. This is a great learning tool.
  2. When using LINQ to SQL or Linq to Entities you can inspect the SQL that’s being generated which is another great way to learn about LINQ.

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