Creating tuples

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Tuples are created using generic types Tuple<T1>-Tuple<T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8>. Each of the types represents a tuple containing 1 to 8 elements. Elements can be of different types.

// tuple with 4 elements
var tuple = new Tuple<string, int, bool, MyClass>("foo", 123, true, new MyClass());

Tuples can also be created using static Tuple.Create methods. In this case, the types of the elements are inferred by the C# Compiler.

// tuple with 4 elements
var tuple = Tuple.Create("foo", 123, true, new MyClass());

Since C# 7.0, Tuples can be easily created using ValueTuple.

var tuple = ("foo", 123, true, new MyClass());

Elements can be named for easier decomposition.

(int number, bool flag, MyClass instance) tuple = (123, true, new MyClass());

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