Example Using a Timer to perform a simple countdown.

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public partial class Form1 : Form

Timer myTimer = new Timer();
int timeLeft = 10;

    public Form1()

        //set properties for the Timer
        myTimer.Interval = 1000;
        myTimer.Enabled = true;

        //Set the event handler for the timer, named "myTimer_Tick"
        myTimer.Tick += myTimer_Tick;

        //Start the timer as soon as the form is loaded

        //Show the time set in the "timeLeft" variable
        lblCountDown.Text = timeLeft.ToString();


    private void myTimer_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
        //perform these actions at the interval set in the properties.
        lblCountDown.Text = timeLeft.ToString();
        timeLeft -= 1;

        if (timeLeft < 0)

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