Getting and setting properties

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Basic usage:

PropertyInfo prop = myInstance.GetType().GetProperty("myProperty");
// get the value myInstance.myProperty
object value = prop.GetValue(myInstance);

int newValue = 1;
// set the value myInstance.myProperty to newValue
prop.setValue(myInstance, newValue);

Setting read-only automatically-implemented properties can be done through it’s backing field (in .NET Framework name of backing field is “k__BackingField”):

// get backing field info
FieldInfo fieldInfo = myInstance.GetType()
    .GetField("<myProperty>k__BackingField", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic);

int newValue = 1;
// set the value of myInstance.myProperty backing field to newValue
fieldInfo.SetValue(myInstance, newValue);

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