Structs are copied on assignment

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Sinse structs are value types all the data is copied on assignment, and any modification to the new copy does not change the data for the original copy. The code snippet below shows that p1 is copied to p2 and changes made on p1 does not affect p2 instance.

var p1 = new Point {
    x = 1,
    y = 2

Console.WriteLine($"{p1.x} {p1.y}"); // 1 2

var p2 = p1;
Console.WriteLine($"{p2.x} {p2.y}"); // Same output: 1 2

p1.x = 3;
Console.WriteLine($"{p1.x} {p1.y}"); // 3 2
Console.WriteLine($"{p2.x} {p2.y}"); // p2 remain the same: 1 2

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