Automatically forward certain pushes to other repositories

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post-receive hooks can be used to automatically forward incoming pushes to another repository.

$ cat .git/hooks/post-receive


IFS=' '
while read local_ref local_sha remote_ref remote_sha

  echo "$remote_ref" | egrep '^refs\/heads\/[A-Z]+-[0-9]+$' >/dev/null && {
    ref=`echo $remote_ref | sed -e 's/^refs\/heads\///'`
    echo Forwarding feature branch to other repository: $ref
    git push -q --force other_repos $ref


In this example, the egrep regexp looks for a specific branch format (here: JIRA-12345 as used to name Jira issues). You can leave this part off if you want to forward all branches, of course.

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