Blob Object

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A blob contains arbitrary binary file contents. Commonly, it will be raw text such as source code or a blog article. But it could just as easily be the bytes of a PNG file or anything else.

If you have the hash of a blob, you can look at it’s contents.

$ git cat-file -p d429810
package com.example.project

class Foo {

For example, you can browse a tree as above, and then look at one of the blobs in it.

$ git cat-file -p 07b1a631
100644 blob b91bba1b   .gitignore
100644 blob cc0956f1   Makefile
040000 tree 92e1ca7e   src
100644 blob cae391ff   Readme.txt

$ git cat-file -p cae391ff
Welcome to my project! This is the readmefile

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