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Usually, you have to use git add or git rm to add changes to the index before you can git commit them. Pass the -a or --all option to automatically add every change (to tracked files) to the index, including removals:

git commit -a

If you would like to also add a commit message you would do:

git commit -a -m "your commit message goes here"

Also, you can join two flags:

git commit -am "your commit message goes here"

You don’t necessarily need to commit all files at once. Omit the -a or --all flag and specify which file you want to commit directly:

git commit path/to/a/file -m "your commit message goes here"

For directly committing more than one specific file, you can specify one or multiple files, directories and patterns as well:

git commit path/to/a/file path/to/a/folder/* path/to/b/file -m "your commit message goes here"

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