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This hook is similar to the prepare-commit-msg hook, but it’s called after the user enters a commit message rather than before. This is usually used to warn developers if their commit message is in an incorrect format.

The only argument passed to this hook is the name of the file that contains the message. If you don’t like the message that the user has entered, you can either alter this file in-place (same as prepare-commit-msg) or you can abort the commit entirely by exiting with a non-zero status.

The following example is used to check if the word ticket followed by a number is present on the commit message

word="ticket [0-9]"
isPresent=$(grep -Eoh "$word" $1)

if [[ -z $isPresent ]]
  then echo "Commit message KO, $word is missing"; exit 1;
  else echo "Commit message OK"; exit 0;

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