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Option | Explanation | —— | —— | -z | output diff-raw with lines terminated with NUL. -p | output patch format. -u | synonym for -p. –patch-with-raw | output both a patch and the diff-raw format. | –stat | show diffstat instead of patch. | –numstat | show numeric diffstat instead of patch. –patch-with-stat | output a patch and prepend its diffstat. –name-only | show only names of changed files. –name-status | show names and status of changed files. –full-index | show full object name on index lines. –abbrev= | abbreviate object names in diff-tree header and diff-raw. -R | swap input file pairs. -B | detect complete rewrites. -M | detect renames. -C | detect copies. –find-copies-harder | try unchanged files as candidate for copy detection. -l | limit rename attempts up to paths. -O | reorder diffs according to the . -S | find filepair whose only one side contains the string. –pickaxe-all | show all files diff when -S is used and hit is found. -a –text | treat all files as text. |

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