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It is not possible to add and commit an empty folder in Git due to the fact that Git manages files and attaches their directory to them, which slims down commits and improves speed. To get around this, there are two methods:

Method one: .gitkeep

One hack to get around this is to use a .gitkeep file to register the folder for Git. To do this, just create the required directory and add a .gitkeep file to the folder. This file is blank and doesn’t serve any purpose other than to just register the folder. To do this in Windows (which has awkward file naming conventions) just open git bash in the directory and run the command:

$ touch .gitkeep

This command just makes a blank .gitkeep file in the current directory

Method two: dummy.txt

Another hack for this is very similar to the above and the same steps can be followed, but instead of a .gitkeep, just use a dummy.txt instead. This has the added bonus of being able to easily create it in Windows using the context menu. And you get to leave funny messages in them too.You can also use .gitkeep file to track the empty directory. .gitkeep normally is an empty file that is added to track the empty directoy.

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