Find commits yet to be applied to upstream

suggest change

Command git cherry shows the changes which haven’t yet been cherry-picked.


git checkout master
git cherry development

… and see output a bit like this:

+ 492508acab7b454eee8b805f8ba906056eede0ff
- 5ceb5a9077ddb9e78b1e8f24bfc70e674c627949
+ b4459544c000f4d51d1ec23f279d9cdb19c1d32b
+ b6ce3b78e938644a293b2dd2a15b2fecb1b54cd9

The commits that being with \+ will be the ones that haven’t yet cherry-picked into development.


git cherry [-v] [<upstream> [<head> [<limit>]]]


Check git-cherry documentation for more info.

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