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Parameter | Details | ——— |—–– |

-v, –verbose | Run verbosely. | -m <master> | Sets head to remote’s <master> branch | –mirror=fetch | Refs will not be stored in refs/remotes namespace, but instead will be mirrored in the local repo |

–mirror=push | git push will behave as if –mirror was passed | –no-tags | git fetch <name> does not import tags from the remote repo |

-t <branch> | Specifies the remote to track only <branch> | -f | git fetch <name> is run immediately after remote is set up | –tags | git fetch <name> imports every tag from the remote repo | -a, –auto | The symbolic-ref’s HEAD is set to the same branch as the remote’s HEAD | -d, –delete | All listed refs are deleted from the remote repository | –add | Adds <name> to list of currently tracked branches (set-branches)| –add | Instead of changing some URL, new URL is added (set-url) | –all | Push all branches. | –delete | All urls matching <url> are deleted. (set-url) | –push | Push URLS are manipulated instead of fetch URLS | -n | The remote heads are not queried first with git ls-remote <name>, cached information is used instead | –dry-run | report what branches will be pruned, but do not actually prune them | –prune | Remove remote branches that don’t have a local counterpart |

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