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git shortlog summarizes git log and groups by author

If no parameters are given, a list of all commits made per committer will be shown in chronological order.

$ git shortlog
Committer 1 (<number_of_commits>):
    Commit Message 1
    Commit Message 2
Committer 2 (<number_of_commits>):
    Commit Message 1
    Commit Message 2

To see the number of commits and suppress the commit description, use the summary option:



$ git shortlog -s
<number_of_commits> Committer 1
<number_of_commits> Committer 2

To sort the output by number of commits instead of alphabetically by committer name, pass in the numbered option:



To add the email of a committer, add the email option:



A custom format option can also be provided if you want to display information other than the commit subject:


This can be any string accepted by the --format option of git log.

See Colorizing Logs above for more information on this.

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