Merge contributers by aliases to show commit count in shortlog.

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When contributors add to a project from different machines or operating systems, it may happen that they use different email addresses or names for this, which will fragment contributor lists and statistics.

Running git shortlog -sn to get a list of contributors and the number of commits by them could result in the following output:

Patrick Rothfuss 871
Elizabeth Moon 762
E. Moon 184
Rothfuss, Patrick 90

This fragmentation/disassociation may be adjusted by providing a plain text file .mailmap, containing email mappings.

All names and email addresses listed in one line will be associated to the first named entity respectively.

For the example above, a mapping could look like this:

Patrick Rothfuss <> Rothfuss, Patrick <>
Elizabeth Moon <> E. Moon <>

Once this file exists in the project’s root, running git shortlog -sn again will result in a condensed list:

Patrick Rothfuss 961
Elizabeth Moon 946

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