Migrate from Team Foundation Version Control TFVC to Git

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You could migrate from team foundation version control to git by using an open source tool called Git-TF. Migration will also transfer your existing history by converting tfs checkins to git commits.

To put your solution into Git by using Git-TF follow these steps:

Download Git-TF

You can download (and install) Git-TF from Codeplex: Git-TF @ Codeplex

Clone your TFVC solution

Launch powershell (win) and type the command

git-tf clone http://my.tfs.server.address:port/tfs/mycollection '$/myproject/mybranch/mysolution' --deep

The –deep switch is the keeyword to note as this tells Git-Tf to copy your checkin-history. You now have a local git repository in the folder from which you called your cloe command from.


Commit & Push

Complete your conversion by committing and pushing your local repository to your remote.

git add .
git commit -a -m "Coverted solution source control from TFVC to Git"

git remote add origin https://my.remote/project/repo.git

git push origin master

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