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$ git log @{upstream}..       # what was done locally and not yet published, current branch
$ git show master@{upstream}  # show upstream of branch 'master'

The suffix @{upstream} appended to a branchname (short form <branchname>@{u}) refers to the branch that the branch specified by branchname is set to build on top of (configured with branch.<name>.remote and branch.<name>.merge, or with git branch --set-upstream-to=<branch>). A missing branchname defaults to the current one.

Together with syntax for revision ranges it is very useful to see the commits your branch is ahead of upstream (commits in your local repository not yet present upstream), and what commits you are behind (commits in upstream not merged into local branch), or both:

$ git log --oneline @{u}..
$ git log --oneline ..@{u}
$ git log --oneline --left-right @{u}...  # same as ...@{u}

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