Use git send-email with Gmail

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Background: if you work on a project like the Linux kernel, rather than make a pull request you will need to submit your commits to a listserv for review. This entry details how to use git-send email with Gmail.

Add the following to your .gitconfig file:

    smtpserver =
    smtpencryption = tls
    smtpserverport = 587
    smtpuser =

Then on the web: Go to Google -> My Account -> Connected Apps & Sites -> Allow less secure apps -> Switch ON

To create a patch set:

git format-patch HEAD~~~~ --subject-prefix="PATCH <project-name>"

Then send the patches to a listserv:

git send-email --annotate --to 00*.patch

To create and send updated version (version 2 in this example) of the patch:

git format-patch -v 2 HEAD~~~~  ......
git send-email --to v2-00*.patch

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