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Trim strings

Trimming the string.

s := "  str  "
fmt.Printf("TrimSpace('%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, strings.TrimSpace(s))

s = "abacdda"
cutset := "ab"
fmt.Printf("Trim('%s', '%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, cutset, strings.Trim(s, cutset))

fmt.Printf("TrimLeft('%s', '%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, cutset, strings.TrimLeft(s, cutset))

fmt.Printf("TrimRight('%s', '%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, cutset, strings.TrimRight(s, cutset))

suffix := "ab"
fmt.Printf("TrimSuffix('%s', '%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, suffix, strings.TrimSuffix(s, suffix))

prefix := "ab"
fmt.Printf("TrimPrefix('%s', '%s'): '%s'\n\n", s, prefix, strings.TrimPrefix(s, prefix))
TrimSpace('  str  '): 'str'

Trim('abacdda', 'ab'): 'cdd'

TrimLeft('abacdda', 'ab'): 'cdda'

TrimRight('abacdda', 'ab'): 'abacdd'

TrimSuffix('abacdda', 'ab'): 'abacdda'

TrimPrefix('abacdda', 'ab'): 'acdda'

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