Accessing Profile File

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Once a prof file has been generated, one can access the prof file using go tools:

go tool pprof

This will enter into a command line interface for exploring the profile

Common commands include:

(pprof) top

lists top processes in memory

(pprof) peek

Lists all processes, use regex to narrow search.

(pprof) web

Opens an graph (in svg format) of the process.

An example of the top command:

69.29s of 100.84s total (68.71%)
Dropped 176 nodes (cum <= 0.50s)
Showing top 10 nodes out of 73 (cum >= 12.03s)
        flat  flat%   sum%        cum   cum%
    12.44s 12.34% 12.34%     27.87s 27.64%  runtime.mapaccess1
    10.94s 10.85% 23.19%     10.94s 10.85%  runtime.duffcopy
        9.45s  9.37% 32.56%     54.61s 54.16%*Circle).Draw
        8.88s  8.81% 41.36%      8.88s  8.81%  runtime.aeshashbody
        7.90s  7.83% 49.20%     11.04s 10.95%  runtime.mapaccess1_fast64
        5.86s  5.81% 55.01%      9.59s  9.51%*Circle).isCircle
        5.03s  4.99% 60.00%      8.89s  8.82%*Circle).openCircle
        3.14s  3.11% 63.11%      3.14s  3.11%  runtime.aeshash64
        3.08s  3.05% 66.16%      7.85s  7.78%  runtime.mallocgc
        2.57s  2.55% 68.71%     12.03s 11.93%  runtime.memhash

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