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Type switch

Type switch achieves similar thing as type assertion.

If you have an interface value you can switch based on the underlying type of the value:

func smartConvertToInt(iv interface{}) (int, error) {
	// inside case statements, v is of type matching case type
	switch v := iv.(type) {
	case int:
		return v, nil
	case string:
		return strconv.Atoi(v)
	case float64:
		return int(v), nil
		return 0, fmt.Errorf("unsupported type: %T", iv)

func printSmartConvertToInt(iv interface{}) {
	i, err := smartConvertToInt(iv)
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Printf("Failed to convert %#v to int\n", iv)
	fmt.Printf("%#v of type %T converted to %d\n", iv, iv, i)

func main() {
	printSmartConvertToInt("not valid int")
"5" of type string converted to 5
4 of type int converted to 4
Failed to convert 8 to int
Failed to convert "not valid int" to int

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