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Typed vs. untyped constants

As explained in type casting, Go doesn’t perform implicit type casts between integer types.

Untyped constants make using integer types easier:

const untypedNumber = 345

// if this was a variable declaration, untypedNumber would have its type
// inferred as int.
// since it's a const, it remains untyped until it's e.g. assigned to a variable
var i int = untypedNumber      // no need to cast to int
var u16 uint16 = untypedNumber // no need to cast to uint16
var f float64 = untypedNumber  // no need to cast to float64

// incompatible assignments are detected by the compiler
// 345 is too big to fit in int8 and compiler detects that
var b int8 = untypedNumber
# command-line-arguments
./typed_vs_untyped.go:17:6: constant 345 overflows int8

Typed vs. untyped constants
Emulating enums
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