Calling C Function From Go

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Cgo enables the creation of Go packages that call C code. To use cgo write normal Go code that imports a pseudo-package “C”. The Go code can then refer to types such as, or functions such as C.Add. The import of “C” is immediately preceded by a comment, that comment, called the preamble, is used as a header when compiling the C parts of the package. Note that there must be no blank lines in between the cgo comment and the import statement. Note that import "C" can not grouped with other imports into a parenthesized, “factored” import statement. You must write multiple import statements, like:

import "C"
import "fmt"

And it is good style to use the factored import statement, for other imports, like:

import "C"
import (

Simple example using cgo:

package main

//int Add(int a, int b){
//    return a+b;
import "C"
import "fmt"

func main() {
    a :=
    b :=
    c := C.Add(a, b)
    fmt.Println(c) // 30

Then go build, and run it, output:


To build cgo packages, just use go build or go install as usual. The go tool recognizes the special "C" import and automatically uses cgo for those files.

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