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Ensure type implements interface

In Go interfaces are satisfied implicitly. You don’t have to declare that a type is meant to implement a given interface.

It’s convenient but also makes it possible to not fully implement an interface by mistake and compiler has no way of detecting that.

There’s a way to a compile-type check for that:

type MyReadCloser struct {

func (rc *MyReadCloser) Read(d []byte) (int, error) {
	return 0, nil

var _ io.ReadCloser = &MyReadCloser{}
# command-line-arguments
./main.go:12:5: cannot use MyReadCloser literal (type *MyReadCloser) as type io.ReadCloser in assignment:
	*MyReadCloser does not implement io.ReadCloser (missing Close method)

Our intent was for MyReadCloser to implement io.ReadCloser interface.

However, we forgot to implement Close method.

This line caught this problem at compile time:

var _ io.ReadCloser = &MyReadCloser{}

We tried to assign *MyReadCloser type to variable of type io.ReadCloser.

Since *MyReadCloser doesn’t implement Close method, the compiler detected this is an invalid assignement at compile time.

We assigned the value to blank identifier _ because we don’t actually use that variable for anything.

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