Exported vs. unexported fields (private vs public)

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Struct fields whose names begin with an uppercase letter are exported. All other names are unexported.

type Account struct {
    UserID      int    // exported
    accessToken string // unexported

Unexported fields can only be accessed by code within the same package. As such, if you are ever accessing a field from a different package, its name needs to start with an uppercase letter.

package main

import "bank"

func main() {
    var x = &bank.Account{
        UserID: 1,          // this works fine
        accessToken: "one", // this does not work, since accessToken is unexported

However, from within the bank package, you can access both UserId and accessToken without issue.

The package bank could be implemented like this:

package bank

type Account struct {
	UserID int
  accessToken string

func ProcessUser(u *Account) {
	// ProcessUser() can access u.accessToken because
	// it's defined in the same package
  u.accessToken = doSomething(u) 

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