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Map is an unordered mapping from a key to a value.

Other languages call them dictionaries (Python) or hash tables (C++).

Zero value of map is nil.

Learn more about maps.

Map basics

m := make(map[string]int)
m["number3"] = 3

checkKey := func(k string) {
	if n, ok := m[k]; ok {
		fmt.Printf("value for key '%s' is %d\n", k, n)
	} else {
		fmt.Printf("key '%s' doesn't exist in map\n", k)

// get value for a key that exists

// get value for a key that doesn't exist

// remove a key
delete(m, "number3")
fmt.Printf("deleted key 'number3\n")
checkKey("number3") // and now it doesn't exist
value for key 'number3' is 3
key 'number4' doesn't exist in map
deleted key 'number3
key 'number3' doesn't exist in map

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