Zero value of slice

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Zero value of a slice is nil.

A nil slice has length and capacity of 0.

A nil slice has no underlying array.

A non-nil slice can also have length and capacity of 0, like []int{} or make([]int, 5)[5:].

Any type that has nil values can be converted to nil slice:

s := []int(nil)
fmt.Printf("s: %#v\n", s)

To test whether a slice is empty, check if len(s) is 0:

s := []int(nil)
if len(s) == 0 {
	fmt.Printf("s  is empty: %#v\n", s)

var s2 []int
if len(s2) == 0 {
	fmt.Printf("s2 is empty: %#v\n", s2)

s3 := make([]int, 0)
if len(s2) == 0 {
	fmt.Printf("s3 is empty: %#v\n", s3)

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