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The <article> element contains self-contained content like articles, blog posts, user comments or an interactive widget that could be distributed outside the context of the page, for example by RSS.

A blog (section) with multiple posts (article), and comments (article) might look something like this.

    <!-- Each individual blog post is an <article> -->
            <h1>Blog Post</h1>
            <time datetime="2016-03-13">13th March 2016</time>

        <p>The article element represents a self contained article or document.</p>
        <p>The section element represents a grouping of content.</p>

            <h2>Comments <small>relating to "Blog Post"</small></h2>

            <!-- Related comment is also a self-contained article -->
            <article id="user-comment-1">

    <!-- ./repeat: <article> -->


<!-- Content unrelated to the blog or posts should be outside the section. -->
    <p>This content should be unrelated to the blog.</p>

Avoid unnecessary usage

When the main content of the page (excluding headers, footers, navigation bars, etc.) is simply one group of elements. You can omit the <article> in favour of the <main> element.

    <p>This doesn't make sense, this article has no real `context`.</p>

Instead, replace the article with a <main> element to indicate this is the main content for this page.

    <p>I'm the main content, I don't need to belong to an article.</p>

If you use another element, ensure you specify the <main> ARIA role for correct interpretation and rendering across multiple devices and non HTML5 browsers.

<section role="main">
    <p>This section is the main content of this page.</p>


Click here to read the official HTML5 Specification for the <article> element

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