Global Attributes

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Attribute| Description| —— | —— |class | Defines one or more class names for an element. See Classes and IDs. |contenteditable | Sets whether the content of an element can be edited. |contextmenu | Defines a context menu shown when a user right-clicks an element. |dir | Sets the text direction for text within an element. |draggable | Sets whether an element can be dragged. |hidden | Hides an element not currently in use on the page. |id | Defines a unique identifier for an element. See Classes and IDs. |lang | Defines the language of an element’s content and its text attribute values. See Content Languages. |spellcheck | Sets whether to spell/grammar check the content of an element. |style | Defines a set of inline CSS styles for an element. |tabindex | Sets the order in which elements on a page are navigated by the tab keyboard shortcut. |title | Defines additional information about an element, generally in the form of tooltip text on mouseover. |translate | Defines whether to translate the content of an element. |


Global attributes are simply attributed which can be applied to any element in the entire document.

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