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Tag/Attribute | Value | ––––––– | —–– |<img> | Below are the image map-specific attributes to use with <img>. Regular <img> attributes apply. |usemap | The name of the map with a hash symbol prepended to it. For example, for a map with name="map", the image should have usemap="#map". | | |<map> | |name | The name of the map to identify it. To be used with the image’s usemap attribute. | | |<area> | Below are <area>-specific attributes. When href is specified, making the <area> a link, <area> also supports all of the attributes of the anchor tag (<a>) except ping. See them at the MDN docs. |alt | The alternate text to display if images are not supported. This is only necessary if href is also set on the <area>. |coords | The coordinates outlining the selectable area. When shape="polygon", this should be set to a list of “x, y” pairs separated by commas (i.e., shape="polygon" coords="x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, ..."). When shape="rectangle", this should be set to left, top, right, bottom. When shape="circle", this should be set to centerX, centerY, radius. |href | The URL of the hyperlink, if specified. If it is omitted, then the <area> will not represent a hyperlink. |shape | The shape of the <area>. Can be set to default to select the entire image (no coords attribute necessary), circle or circ for a circle, rectangle or rect for a rectangle, and polygon or poly for a polygonal area specified by corner points. |


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