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Attribute | Details | —— | —— | width | Sets the element’s width in pixels. | height | Sets the element’s height in pixels. |<source>| Defines resources of the audio or video files | track | Defines the text track for media elements | controls | Displays controls | autoplay | Automatically start playing the media | loop | Plays the media in a repeated cycle | muted | Plays the media without sound | poster | Assigns an image to display until a video is loaded |


Support in browsers

|Feature|Chrome|Firefox (Gecko)|Internet Explorer|Opera|Safari| | —— | —— | —— | —— | —— | —— | |Basic support|3.0|3.5 (1.9.1)|9.0|10.50|3.1| |<audio>: PCM in WAVE|(Yes)|3.5 (1.9.1)|No support|10.50|3.1| |<audio>: Vorbis in WebM|(Yes)|4.0 (2.0)|No support|10.60|3.1| |<audio>: Streaming Vorbis/Opus in WebM via MSE|?|36.0|?|?|? |<audio>: Vorbis in Ogg|(Yes)|3.5 (1.9.1)|No support|10.50|No support| |<audio>: MP3|(Yes)|(Yes)|9.0|(Yes)|3.1| |<audio>: MP3 in MP4|?|?|?|?|(Yes)| |<audio>: AAC in MP4|(Yes)|(Yes)|9.0|(Yes)|3.1| |<audio>: Opus in Ogg|27.0|15.0 (15.0)|?|?|?| |<video>: VP8 and Vorbis in WebM|6.0|4.0 (2.0)|9.0|10.60|3.1| |<video>: VP9 and Opus in WebM|29.0|28.0 (28.0)|?|(Yes)|?| |<video>: Streaming WebM via MSE|?|42.0 (42.0)|?|?|?| |<video>: Theora and Vorbis in Ogg|(Yes)|3.5 (1.9.1)|No support|10.50|No support| |<video>: H.264 and MP3 in MP4|(Yes)|(Yes)|9.0|(Yes)|(Yes)| |<video>: H.264 and AAC in MP4|(Yes)|(Yes)|9.0|(Yes)|3.1| |any other format|No support|No support|No support|No support|3.1|

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