Target attribute in form tag

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The target attribute specifies a name or a keyword that indicates where to display the response that is received after submitting the form.

The target attribute defines a name of, or keyword for, a browsing context (e.g. tab, window, or inline frame).

From Tag with a target attribute:

<form target="_blank">

Attribute Values

<td>The response is displayed in a new window or tab</td>
<td>The response is displayed in the same frame (this is default)</td>
<td>The response is displayed in the parent frame</td>
<td>The response is displayed in the full body of the window</td>
<td>The response is displayed in a named iframe</td>
Note: The target attribute was deprecated in HTML 4.01. The target attribute is supported in HTML5.

Frames and framesets are not supported in HTML5, so the _parent, _top and framename values are now mostly used with iframes.

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