Set frame rate using requestAnimationFrame

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Using requestAnimationFrame may on some systems update at more frames per second than the 60fps. 60fps is the default rate if the rendering can keep up. Some systems will run at 120fps maybe more.

If you use the following method you should only use frame rates that are integer divisions of 60 so that (60 / FRAMES_PER_SECOND) % 1 === 0 is true or you will get inconsistent frame rates.

const FRAMES_PER_SECOND = 30;  // Valid values are 60,30,20,15,10...
// set the mim time to render the next frame
const FRAME_MIN_TIME = (1000/60) * (60 / FRAMES_PER_SECOND) - (1000/60) * 0.5;
var lastFrameTime = 0;  // the last frame time
function update(time){
    if(time-lastFrameTime < FRAME_MIN_TIME){ //skip the frame if the call is too early
        return; // return as there is nothing to do
    lastFrameTime = time; // remember the time of the rendered frame
    // render the frame
    requestAnimationFrame(update); // get next farme
requestAnimationFrame(update); // start animation

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