Simple animation with 2D context and requestAnimationFrame

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This example will show you how to create a simple animation using the canvas and the 2D context. It is assumed you know how to create and add a canvas to the DOM and obtain the context

// this example assumes ctx and canvas have been created
const textToDisplay = "This is an example that uses the canvas to animate some text.";
const textStyle     = "white";
const BGStyle       = "black";  // background style
const textSpeed     = 0.2;      // in pixels per millisecond
const textHorMargin = 8;        // have the text a little outside the canvas 

ctx.font = Math.floor(canvas.height * 0.8) + "px arial"; // size the font to 80% of canvas height
var textWidth     = ctx.measureText(textToDisplay).width; // get the text width
var totalTextSize = (canvas.width + textHorMargin * 2 + textWidth);
ctx.textBaseline  = "middle";           // not put the text in the vertical center
ctx.textAlign     = "left";             // align to the left
var textX         = canvas.width + 8;   // start with the text off screen to the right
var textOffset    = 0;                  // how far the text has moved

var startTime;
// this function is call once a frame which is approx 16.66 ms (60fps)
function update(time){              // time is passed by requestAnimationFrame
    if(startTime === undefined){    // get a reference for the start time if this is the first frame
        startTime = time;
    ctx.fillStyle = BGStyle;
    ctx.fillRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);                    // clear the canvas by drawing over it
    textOffset    = ((time - startTime) * textSpeed) % (totalTextSize); // move the text left 
    ctx.fillStyle = textStyle;                                          // set the text style
    ctx.fillText(textToDisplay, textX - textOffset, canvas.height / 2); // render the text

    requestAnimationFrame(update);// all done request the next frame
requestAnimationFrame(update);// to start request the first frame

A demo of this example at jsfiddle

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