A Simple Demo to use MyLayout

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  1. There is a container view S which width is 100 and height is wrap to
all subviews height. there are four subviews A,B,C,D arranged from
top to bottom.
  1. Subview A’s left margin is 20% width of S, right margin is 30% width of S, height is equal to width of A.
  2. Subview B’s left margin is 40, width is filled in to residual width
of S,height is 40. Subview C's width is filled in to S, height is
  1. Subview D’s right margin is 20, width is 50% width of S, height is 40

like below figure:


MyLinearLayout *S = [MyLinearLayout linearLayoutWithOrientation:MyLayoutViewOrientation_Vert]; S.subviewSpace = 10;


UIView *A = UIView.new; A.leftPos.equalTo(@0.2); A.rightPos.equalTo(@0.3); A.heightSize.equalTo(A.widthSize); [S addSubview:A];

UIView *B = UIView.new; B.leftPos.equalTo(@40); B.widthSize.equalTo(@60); B.heightSize.equalTo(@40); [S addSubview:B];

UIView *C = UIView.new; C.leftPos.equalTo(@0); C.rightPos.equalTo(@0); C.heightSize.equalTo(@40); [S addSubview:C];

UIView *D = UIView.new; D.rightPos.equalTo(@20); D.widthSize.equalTo(S.widthSize).multiply(0.5); D.heightSize.equalTo(@40); [S addSubview:D];

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