Converting NSData to HEX string

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NSData can be represented as hexadecimal string, similar to what it outputs in its description method.


extension NSData {

    func hexString() -> String {
        return UnsafeBufferPointer<UInt8>(start: UnsafePointer<UInt8>(bytes), count: length)
            .reduce("") { $0 + String(format: "%02x", $1) }



@implementation NSData (HexRepresentation)

- (NSString *)hexString {
    const unsigned char *bytes = (const unsigned char *)self.bytes;
    NSMutableString *hex = [NSMutableString new];
    for (NSInteger i = 0; i < self.length; i++) {
        [hex appendFormat:@"%02x", bytes[i]];
    return [hex copy];


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