create .ipa file to upload app to appstore with Application Loader

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If you want to upload .ipa file to itunesconnect without integrating developer account in Xcode and you want to use application loader. then you can generate .ipa with iTunes .

Step 1 :- Select device inplace of simulator.

Step 2 :- Go to Product -> select Archive

Step 3 :- After complited process right click to your Archive -> and select show in Finder

Step 4 :- when you click on show in finder you will redirect to Archive folder, looks like this

Step 5 :- Right click on .xarchive file -> select Show in finder option.

Step 6 :- Go to Product Folder -> Application Folder -> You will find

Step 7 :- Now to convert .app to .ipa just drag and drop into itunes . check below image ,

Step 8 :- Now put this .ipa file in safe place and use when upload with application loader .

Note :- if you want to know how to upload app with application loader then check this ,

Upload app with application Loader


WARNING :- Don’t make .ipa with changing extension from .aap to .zip and .zip to .ipa.

I have seen in many answer that , they have suggest compress .app file and then change the extension from .zip to .ipa . It is not working now . By this method you will get Error like ,

IPA is invalid, it does not include a payload directory.

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