Creating In-App Purchase Products

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You can only offer In-App Purchases for digital items, and not for physical goods or services. For more information about all of this, check out Apple’s full documentation on Creating In-App Purchase Products. Now, while viewing your app’s entry in iTunes Connect, click on the Features tab and then select In-App Purchases. To add a new IAP product, click the + to the right of In-App Purchases.

You will see the following dialog appear:

When a user purchases a rage comic in your app, you’ll want them to always have access to it, so select Non-Consumable, and click Create. Next, fill out the details for the IAP as follows:

Now scroll down to the Localizations section and note that there is a default entry for English (U.S.). Enter “Girlfriend of Drummer” for both the Display Name and the Description. Click Save. Great! You’ve created your first IAP product.

There’s one more step required before you can delve into some code. When testing in-app purchases in a development build of an app, Apple provides a test environment which allows you to ‘purchase’ your IAP products without creating financial transactions.

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