Determining content size

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In many cases, for instance when using web views in table view cells, it’s important to determine the content size of the rendered HTML page. After loading the page, this can be calculated in the UIWebViewDelegate delegate method:

- (void) webViewDidFinishLoad:(UIWebView *) aWebView {
    CGRect frame = aWebView.frame;
    frame.size.height = 1;
    aWebView.frame = frame;
    CGSize fittingSize = [aWebView sizeThatFits:CGSizeZero];
    frame.size = fittingSize;
    aWebView.frame = frame;

    NSLog(@"size: %f, %f", fittingSize.width, fittingSize.height);

The code employs an additional trick of shortly setting the height of the web view to 1 prior to measuring the fitting size. Otherwise it would simply report the current frame size. After measuring we immediately set the height to the actual content height.


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