Handle multiple environment using multiple target and macro

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For example, we have two environments: CI - Staging and want to add some customizations for each environment. Here I will try to customize server URL, app name.

First, we create two targets for 2 environments by duplicating the main target:

For each target, we will define a custom macro. Here I will define macro named “CI” in build settings of target CI, macro named “STAGING” for target Staging.

The development target (MultipleEnvironment target):

Target CI:

Target Staging:

Create scheme for each target:

We will create a header file to define SERVER URL as below:

It means,

If you want to do more customize, for example: Change app name for each target:

Almost done. Now we want to show current SERVER_URL to main screen:

Now, let’s see if we run the app with the default target (MultipleEnvironment)

CI target:

Staging target:

As you can see, value of SERVER_URL and app name is changed for each target :)

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