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VoiceOver works great most of the time, breezily reading aloud screens full of content and intuitively following the user. Alas, no general solution is perfect. Sometimes only you, the app developer, know where VoiceOver should be focused for an optimal user experience. Fortunately, VoiceOver listens to system accessibility notifications for clues about where focus belongs. To move the VoiceOver cursor manually, post an accessibility screen changed notification:

UIAccessibilityPostNotification(UIAccessibilityScreenChangedNotification, firstElement);

When this notification is posted, a short series of tones notify users of the change. The second parameter can be either the next element to focus or a string announcing the change. Only post a screen change notification if the VoiceOver experience is poor without it and no other workaround exists. Moving the VoiceOver cursor is like poking at a sighted user’s screen. It can be annoying and disorienting to be led around that way.

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