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You need to having a server running online. To securely associate your iOS app with a server, Apple requires that you make available a configuration file, called apple-app-site-association. This is a JSON file which describes the domain and supported routes.

The apple-app-site-association file needs to be accessible via HTTPS, without any redirects, at https://{domain}/apple-app-site-association.

The file looks like this:

"applinks": {
    "apps": [ ],
    "details": [
            "appID": "{app_prefix}.{app_identifier}",
            "paths": [ "/path/to/content", "/path/to/other/*", "NOT /path/to/exclude" ]
            "appID": "TeamID.BundleID2",
            "paths": [ "*" ]

NOTE - Don’t append .json to the apple-app-site-association filename.

The keys are as follows:

apps: Should have an empty array as its value, and it must be present. This is how Apple wants it.

details: Is an array of dictionaries, one for each iOS app supported by the website. Each dictionary contains information about the app, the team and bundle IDs.

There are 3 ways to define paths:

Static: The entire supported path is hardcoded to identify a specific link, e.g. /static/terms

Wildcards: A * can be used to match dynamic paths, e.g. /books/* can matches the path to any author’s page. ? inside specific path components, e.g. books/1? can be used to match any books whose ID starts with 1.

Exclusions: Prepending a path with NOT excludes that path from being matched.

The order in which the paths are mentioned in the array is important. Earlier indices have higher priority. Once a path matches, the evaluation stops, and other paths ignored. Each path is case-sensitive.

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