Signing the App-Site-Association File

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Note: You can skip this part if your server uses HTTPS to serve content and jump to Application Setup guide.

If your app targets iOS 9 and your server uses HTTPS to serve content, you don’t need to sign the file. If not (e.g. when supporting Handoff on iOS 8), it has to be signed using a SSL certificate from a recognized certificate authority.

Note: This is not the certificate provided by Apple to submit your app to the App Store. It should be provided by a third-party, and it’s recommended to use the same certificate you use for your HTTPS server (although it’s not required).

To sign the file, first create and save a simple .txt version of it. Next, in the terminal, run the following command:

cat <unsigned_file>.txt | openssl smime -sign -inkey -signer -certfile intermediate.pem -noattr -nodetach -outform DER > apple-app-site-association

This will output the signed file in the current directory. The,, and intermediate.pem are the files that would made available to you by your Certifying Authority.

Note: If the file is unsigned, it should have a Content-Type of application/json. Otherwise, it should be application/pkcs7-mime.

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