UserDefaults uses in Swift 3

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Every application needed to store User Session or User related details inside application in UserDefaults.So we made whole logic inside a Class for managing UserDefaults better way.

Swift 3

import Foundation

public struct Session {

    fileprivate static let defaults = UserDefaults.standard

    enum userValues: String {
        case auth_token
        case email
        case fname
        case mobile
        case title
        case userId
        case userType
        case OTP
        case isApproved
    //MARK: - Getting here User Details
    static func getUserSessionDetails()->[String:AnyObject]? {
        let dictionary = defaults.object(forKey: "LoginSession") as? [String:AnyObject]
        return  dictionary
    //MARK: - Saving Device Token
    static func saveDeviceToken(_ token:String){
        guard (gettingDeviceToken() ?? "").isEmpty else {
        defaults.removeObject(forKey: "deviceToken")
        defaults.set(token, forKey: "deviceToken")
    //MARK: - Getting Token here
    static func gettingDeviceToken()->String?{
        let token = defaults.object(forKey: "deviceToken") as? String
        if token == nil{
            return ""
        }else{ return token}
    //MARK: - Setting here User Details
    static func setUserSessionDetails(_ dic :[String : AnyObject]){
        defaults.removeObject(forKey: "LoginSession")
        defaults.set(dic, forKey: "LoginSession")
    //MARK:- Removing here all Default Values
    static func userSessionLogout(){
        //Set Activity
        defaults.removeObject(forKey: "LoginSession")
    //MARK: - Get value from session here
    static func getUserValues(value: userValues) -> String? {
        let dic = getUserSessionDetails() ?? [:]
        guard let value = dic[value.rawValue] else{
            return ""
        return value as? String

Use of UserDefaults Class

//Saving user Details
Session.setUserSessionDetails(json ?? [:])

//Retriving user Details 
let userId = Session.getUserValues(value: .userId) ?? ""

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