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This option allows you to clear a TLA for references and values at TLA allocation time and pre-fetch the next chunk. When an integer, a reference, or anything else is declared, it has a default value of 0 or null (depending upon type). At the appropriate time, you will need to clear these references and values to free the memory on the heap so Java can use- or reuse- it. You can do either when the object is allocated or, by using this option, when you request a new TLA.


-XXallocClearChunks=<true | false>

The above is a boolean option and is generally recommended on IA64 systems; ultimately, its use depends upon the application. If you want to set the size of chunks cleared, combine this option with -XXallocClearChunkSize. If you use this flag but do not specify a boolean value, the default is true.

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