Adding Directories

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To make a new directory from a File instance you would need to use one of two methods: mkdirs() or mkdir().

Note: createNewFile() will not create a new directory only a file.

File singleDir = new File("C:/Users/SomeUser/Desktop/A New Folder/");
File multiDir = new File("C:/Users/SomeUser/Desktop/A New Folder 2/Another Folder/");

// assume that neither "A New Folder" or "A New Folder 2" exist

singleDir.createNewFile(); // will make a new file called "A New Folder.file"
singleDir.mkdir(); // will make the directory
singleDir.mkdirs(); // will make the directory

multiDir.createNewFile(); // will throw a IOException
multiDir.mkdir(); // will not work
multiDir.mkdirs(); // will make the directory

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